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Second Fashion Show at 46 lounge (House of Fashion)

July 21, 2011, 2:12 am
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Fashion Show hosted by Mari Twins and George Roberts.

New Jersey.  July 17, 2011 by George Roberts

Once again The Mary Twins and Hubert Moda brought to New Jersey an amazing fashion event. This time 46 Lounge (The house of Fashion) was on fire. The place was full of energy and a lot of people showed up to participate. We had the designers Faindry Salamanca, Swim & Resort by Ana Segura, Sesa Designs and Paradise Bikini. 46 Lounge is located at 300 ROUTE Highway 46 EAST. TOTOWA. NJ

The event was hosted by The Mary Twins and George Roberts (The Fashion Channel – We also had supporting the event The Salon Guy (Stephen Marinaro), Alex Almeida (Passion Desserts), the writer Monica Marintez, The singer Tonya Carmen and lots of special guests. And after the Fashion Show everybody enjoyed The Clubzone.FM ONE Year Anniversary.

This time all proceeds were benefited to The Alzheimer’s Association Research Program and the donations were accepted upon arrival. The Fashion Show was covered by (The Fashion Channel by George Roberts) where everybody can watch all the interviews.

Talking about fashion The Mary Twins have their own radio program on Clubzone.FM where they talk about fashion and interview local Celebrities. These girls are fantastic and their inner beauty brings people from all over New Jersey and New York to their shows. Their Program is on air every single Sunday at 6PM.

Once again Congratulations Mary Twins!!!

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Author: George Roberts
Modelo, reporter e escritor e colunista da Revista Só Festa-USA.
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Second Fashion Show at 46 lounge (House of Fashion)
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